Gästestimmen aus China:


(Eintrag in Gästebuch 3.2.2006)

Dear Renate and Hans,

Although I can´t write German, I there use our Chinese characters to express my thankfulness. This is the first time I´m so far away from my home, also the first time I went to Germany.
I remember somebody told me that Germany is a serious and cold nation, but here in a place so far and not familiar for me, I feel the warmth of a home. Everyday when I come back from the toy fair, I feel peace, warm and happy in my heart.
You are very kindhearted and good people, also very careful. You gave me many help and care, when I was sick and when I was in trouble.
I even forget I was abroad, because here, the feeling of at home is so true and warm.
Thank you very much! I wish you happy forever. May God bless you, bless this hotel.
I only know several German words, here I want to say, your hotel is “ sehr, sehr gut!”

Zhao Jing, China