Gästestimmen aus Brasilien:

(Eintrag in Gästebuch 28.4.2005)

Renate and Hans!

I read on this book that your Argentina´s guest wrote, that he had a very good time here and also he felt a nice athmosphere at “Neue Krone”.

I think a little bit different from them!!!

When I was talking to you, before arriving here, I already felt that I found a “Paradise” in Bavaria.
Today, after I have stayed here for almost a week, I can garantee that “Neue Krone” is really a “Paradise”.
Warm athmosphere, fantastic food, very good service and so on.

But, the main point is:
You Renate and Hans are a very nice person. You gave us a fantastic time here and we hope do the same in Brazil. For now and forever, you are invited to stay at our home there. I really thank you for kindness, welcome and also congratulations for your job.

Take care and have fun.

Joao Caetano & Ronaldo , Brazil